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Thursday, September 26, 2013


The two-headed giant about to have a snack
JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (2012). Director: Bryan Singer.

In the long-ago Kingdom of Cloister, young Jack (Nicholas Hoult) meets the princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) about the same time as he acquires some magic beans. The beans sprout huge vines that soar skyward, dragging along both Tom and Isabelle, who discover a land of belligerent, carnivorous giants who hate the human race even as they love the taste of it; the giants' leader has two heads. Roderick (Stanley Tucci of Burlesque) hopes to use the giants to take over Cloister, even as the giants are planning their own attack on the kingdom far below. The climax has many giants plundering the palace as the people try valiantly to fight them off. Jack the Giant Slayer is no classic, but it is an entertaining movie with some spectacular special effects work and impressive scenic design. A highlight is the first, suspenseful appearance of a giant at a stream in the world above. Gruesomeness is more implied than depicted. The actors are more than adequate but take second place to the FX.

Verdict: Not quite magical, but close, due to some talented technicians. ***.

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