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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Watch out for those "Graveyard Rats!"

TRILOGY OF TERROR 2 (1996 made-for-cable film). Director: Dan Curtis.

Another anthology of horror stories from Curtis to follow his 1975 telefilm Trilogy of Terror. "He-Who-Kills" is a sequel to "Amelia" in the first film, and has the fetish doll on the rampage again. Like the original segment, it's lively but pretty silly, too. "Bobby" is a remake of a story that originally appeared in another Curtis anthology, Dead of Night, about a mother who summons her dead son from his grave, but with less effective actors. "The Graveyard Rats," which is loosely based on Henry Kuttner's famous short story, is the best segment, presenting a couple of lovers who murder the woman's husband and then have to open his grave. The nasty rats they encounter are nearly worth the price of admission. Ultimately, this is a fairly minor horror film, however. Screenplays by Curtis, William F. Nolan, and Richard Matheson.

Verdict: Killer rats are always "fun." **1/2.

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