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Thursday, May 9, 2013


FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN (1967). Director: Terence Fisher.

Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) is back to his old tricks in another entertaining Hammer horror film. Dr. Hertz (Thorley Walters) brings the baron back from the dead, and Hertz' lab assistant Hans (Robert Morris) is accused of murdering a tavern owner who was actually beaten to death by the bitchy Anton (Peter Blythe) and his nasty, entitled friends. After Hans is wrongly executed, the baron puts his brain into the body of Hans' crippled girlfriend, Christina (Susan Denberg), who committed suicide. Partly controlled by Hans' memories and partly by her own, the pretty "monster" sets out to revenge herself against the ones responsible for the double tragedy. Frankenstein Created Woman begins well but it unfortunately doesn't develop many of its interesting ideas, substituting revenge-murders instead, but is fun enough on that level. The cast is good, however, including Blythe, and Cushing is always adept and watchable.

Verdict: The Baron is back without his monster. **1/2.

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