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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell
TOTAL RECALL (2012). Director: Len Wiseman.

In this remake of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, the future is a depressing place, the earth ravaged by chemical warfare, with only two inhabitable sections left: The United Federation of Britain, and a place called the Colony (the situation is similar to apartheid in South Africa). As in most visions of the future these days, the cities are built in towering levels. Instead of using airliners, workers get from the colony to UFB by descending through the earth inside a humongous elevator called the "Fall." Trying to escape the aridity of his existence, factory worker Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) visits a memory-altering place called "Total Recall" for an adventure, but discovers that his entire identity is a complete lie -- he's another person entirely. And his "wife" (Kate Beckinsale of Van Helsing) is out to kill him. Together with new/old girlfriend Melina (Jessica Biel) he struggles to not only stay alive but complete his mission and save thousands of lives. Total Recall is fast-paced and has impressive FX and scenic design, but the characters are paper-thin, and it turns into a fairly standard, un-involving mindless action flick long before it's over. Farrel, Biel and Beckinsale all register the proper attitude and butchness, however.

Verdict: Okay if you have low expectations. **1/2.


Dan O. said...

The cast and action make this predictable story a whole lot more enjoyable, but it’s still the same, old formula as the original. Except this time, it’s without all of the hilarious Arnie one-liners. Nice review Will.

William said...

Thank you, Dan, I appreciate the comments. And you've got a nice movie blog yourself! Best, Will