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Thursday, February 21, 2013


The two beautiful blonds of "Bad Blonde"
BAD BLONDE (aka The Flanagan Boy/1953). Director: Reginald Le Borg.

Handsome amateur boxer Johnny Flanagan (Tony Wright) gets a shot at the big time when he's taken under the wing of promoter Giuseppe Vecchi (Frederick Valk). Unfortunately, Johnny is greatly disturbed by the presence of Vecchi's sexy and much younger wife, Lorna (Barbara Payton of Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye), and after initial animosity she can't help but notice the hunky boxer. This leads to expected complications, none of which are especially entertaining. This is the kind of old-fashioned, even sexist movie where the deplorable actions of a "nice guy" are blamed exclusively on the influence of an "evil" woman [attitudes which are still prevalent in some quarters even today]. Although Payton was better known for the scandals she got embroiled in than for her movies, she was not a bad actress and is fine in this, although not given a very dimensional role to play. Wright's inexperience is obvious, but he has his moments as well and Valk is good as the cuckolded Italian. Movies like this should at least be fun to watch but this is just tedious, and even the sexy leads can't save it. Le Borg, whose direction on this is quite stodgy,  also directed Voodoo Island and many other B movies. This was another Hammer studio crime drama released in the U.S. by Lippert.

Verdict: A far cry from The Postman Always Ring Twice. *

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