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Thursday, January 12, 2012


CRAIG KENNEDY, CRIMINOLOGIST 1952 half hour television series.

Craig Kennedy, Criminologist lasted one season and 26 episodes. Donald Woods [13 Ghosts] is excellent in the title role, solving mysteries with the aid of reporter Walter Jameson (Lewis Wilson) and police inspector J. J. Burke (Sydney Mason). At first all three seem like good friends, but as the series progresses the last two characters have more of an adversarial relationship somewhat similar to the later Spock/Bones friendly enemy business on Star Trek. Some of the more memorable episodes of the series include "Formula for Murder," in which  a dead scientist turns out to have two fiancees; and "The Trap," featuring skullduggery in a show business household and a very exciting climactic fight scene. In "The Case of Fleming Lewis," Jack Mulhall  plays an aged millionaire with a sexy young wife -- guess who gets murdered? Gloria Talbot [The Cyclops] guest-starred in the less interesting "Kid Brother." The show used the same actors over and over again in different supporting parts. Other guest-stars included Mara Corday [Girls on the Loose] and Phyllis Coates [Panther Girl of the Kongo and Incredible Petrified World], both of whom are quite good.

Verdict: Unexceptional but entertaining, with some snappy stories. **1/2.