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Thursday, August 25, 2011


BLONDE ICE (1948). Director: Jack Bernhard.

Claire (Leslie Brooks) is a hard-boiled dame who has many men in love with her and uses all of them right and left to get the life she thinks she deserves. The men include Stanley (Michael Whalen) a probate lawyer; Les (Robert Paige); Blackie (Russ Vincent) a pilot and blackmailer; Al (James Griffith); newspaper reporter Hack Doyle (Walter Sande); and let's not forget her unfortunate husband, Carl (John Holland). While there's some fun in watching Claire try to commit mayhem and outwit the police and pursuers, the fact is that the picture really suffers because lead actress Brooks simply isn't up to the demands of the script. Blonde Ice needs a Stanwyck or Davis -- or at least someone a little zestier and more talented -- to make it riveting. Brooks, who passed away just last month at 88 years of age, made a few film appearances before Blonde Ice, made one other film the same year, and then didn't return to films until 1971.

Verdict: Bad girls should be more fascinating than this. **.

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