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Thursday, January 27, 2011


WAR OF THE SATELLITES (1958). Director: Roger Corman.

As the head of a space project, Dr. Van Ponder (Richard Devon) and his associates Dave Boyer (Dick Miller) and Sybil Carrington (Susan Cabot) try to figure out what's destroying their rockets, Earth receives a message from aliens declaring that they are responsible and won't allow earthlings to "infect" the universe. Dr. Van Ponder is replaced by one of the aliens, who can split himself into two duplicate beings. Boyer decides that Earth can't be bullied into giving up its space program and a new satellite, with most of the principles aboard, is launched ... Despite a couple of intriguing ideas, this dull script clearly did not inspire Corman to deliver one of his better directorial jobs, as the film hasn't got a single scintilla of flair or interest. The actors are all wasted as well. The production values are often laughable.

Verdict: Possibly Corman's most boring and forgettable movie. *.

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