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Thursday, April 29, 2010


THE OUTRAGE (1964). Director: Martin Ritt.

Did outlaw Juan Carasco (Paul Newman) murder a man (Laurence Harvey) and rape his wife (Claire Bloom), or is the story more complicated than that? In this serio-comic American version of Roshomon, different characters tell their stories while the law tries to arrive at the truth. Although Newman received mostly criticism for his performance, he's actually quite lively and effective. Bloom, Howard Da Silva (as a prospector) and William Shatner (as a preacher) also give good performances, and Edward G. Robinson is a stand-out -- as usual -- as a con man. Superior black and white cinematography by James Wong Howe and a fine score by Alex North.

Verdict: Uneven but not without moments of interest. **1/2.

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