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Thursday, April 15, 2010


THE HEARTBREAK KID (2007). Directors: Bobby and Peter Farrelly.

In this remake of the far superior 1972 film, Eddie (Ben Stiller) meets a woman, Lila (Makin Akerman) who seems perfect for him and marries her too hastily. On their honeymoon he sees nothing but her flaws, and meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), who is vacationing with her family, and keeps the fact that he's married a secret. This is the kind of movie that repeats the bit with the boring mariachi band following around the characters even though it wasn't very funny or original the first time. There's some mild humor in the picture but unlike the original it wears out its welcome pretty quickly. Unlikely movie "star" Stiller is okay; the ladies are a bit better. Polly Holliday and Jerry Stiller are fun enough in supporting roles. This movie-- written by Scot Armstrong and Leslie Dixon -- is so square that it even has "fag" jokes disguised as hip humor.

Verdict: A honeymoon you don't need to go on. **.

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watch movies said...

Heartbreak Kid is funny, but its not an instant classic, nor is it a type of movie to take a date to. While it is not as painfully disastrous as Good Luck Chuck.