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Thursday, September 17, 2009


THE FINAL CUT (2004). Written and directed by Omar Naim.

In a futuristic world, certain people have "Zoe" organic implants which are undetectable and grow in the brain and nerve centers, recording -- filming -- everything that happens to them throughout their entire life. Alan Hakman (Robin Williams) is a famous "cutter," someone who takes the hours and hours of recordings of a certain person's life and edits it into a memorial film that is shown after their death. Hakman is haunted by something that happened in his childhood, and now he is being asked to "cut" the life of a married man who may have had some terrible secrets concerning his daughter. The Final Cut has a fascinating premise and a superlative performance by the wonderful Williams, but despite its many intriguing ideas, it seems contrived and awfully anti-climactic. Still, it gets points for originality and is certainly absorbing. Stephanie Romanov and Genevieve Buechner score as the wife and daughter of the deceased.

Verdict: Decidedly different and thought-provoking if ultimately unsatisfying. ***.

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