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Thursday, September 10, 2009


12 TO THE MOON (1960). Director: David Bradley. Screenplay by DeWitt Bodeen.

A group of mixed ages and nationalities take the title trip to the moon and encounter some interesting sets, including an ice cavern, as well as unseen telepathic moon people who send out freeze rays that turn New York and Washington D.C. into huge blocks of ice. The interesting cast includes Ken Clark of Attack of the Giant Leeches as the captain of the ship, Anthony Dexter of Fire Maidens of Outer Space and Valentino, Tom Conway of The Falcon series and many other movies, Robert Montgomery Jr., Anna-Lisa of Have Rocket, Will Travel, and even Francis X. Bushman as Secretary General! Richard Weber makes an impression as Dr. Ruskin. Low-budget sci fi doesn't make that much of an impression, however. "Modern"-type score by Michael Anderson.

Verdict: A trip you can probably miss. **.

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