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Thursday, July 30, 2009


THE SECRET PARTNER (1961). Director: Basil Dearden.

John Brent (Stewart Granger) isn't having a good year. His wife has left him because she thinks he's spending money on another dame; his dentist is blackmailing him for some unknown malfeasance; and then he's framed for robbery to boot. Bernard Lee ("M" of the 007 films) is the investigator on the case, hoping to leave a clean slate before he retires. The oddly named Haya Harareet is Nicole, Brent's wife. The picture is smooth and reasonably absorbing, if not entirely convincing. At one point a masked figure shows up to manipulate some characters, and he reminds one of a villain in a cliffhanger serial or comic book. The twists may work for some viewers. Granger is professional but perhaps a little too slick.

Verdict: Who was that masked man? **.

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