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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


THIN ICE (1937). Director: Sidney Lanfield.

An entire Swiss village is excited to learn -- erroneously -- that Lili Heiser (Sonja Henie) is dating the handsome Prince Rudolph (Tyrone Power). Ironically, not much later Lili does meet the prince, who's incognito, but doesn't realize the man she eventually falls in love with (and vice versa) is the famous Prince. Therefore she's quite upset to learn that everyone thinks she's dallying with Prince Rudolph. That's the thin premise of this disappointing comedy that has few if any laughs, even with the presence of Joan Davis as an orchestra leader. Tyrone Power displays his usual charm and ability, but while Henie is cute and appealing in some ways, she's not much of an actress and certainly no gifted comedienne. Arthur Treacher plays Power's manservant. Pretty boring to be honest.

Verdict: Unless you're crazy for ice skating, you can miss it. *1/2.

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