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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


THE HOUSE ON SKULL MOUNTAIN (1974). Director: Ron Honthaner.

After the elderly matriarch of an African-American family dies, her relatives are called together in the mansion for the reading of the will, but deaths and accidents occur because someone who wants them dead is using voodoo curses against them. Playing slick Phlippe, Mike Evans seems to be channeling Stepin Fetchit, but the other actors (Jean Durand, Janee Michelle, among others) are more dignified. Victor French plays Dr. Cunningham, the deceased matriarch's mostly Caucasian grandson. The film has virtually no atmosphere, a poor story, and not enough chills, action, or even gore to recommend it. The only notable aspect is the attractive matte painting depicting the house on top of its Skull Mountain, which reminds one of the similarly named mountain of King Kong.

Verdict: Sorely to be missed. *.


Neil A Russell said...

I knew I recognized that title.
This was shot around the old Candler (Coca Cola family) mansion of Callanwolde on Briarcliff Rd in Atlanta.

I was a lad of about 13 and attending a band camp there that summer.
Completely forgotten it until I saw this posting, now I remember all the lights and rigging and the crew running about the grounds of the house.

William said...

Interesting background ...

I had never heard of this movie until it turned up late one night on Fox Movie Channel.