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Monday, March 31, 2008


THE RIVER'S EDGE (1957). Director: Allan Dwan.

Ben Cameron (Anthony Quinn) is having a lousy day. His wife Meg (Debra Paget) has decided to leave him, runs off with her old boyfriend Nardo (Ray Milland), and now he's forced to help the pair of them escape over the border because Nardo, who's carrying a suitcase of ill-gotten loot, has committed murder. Well-photographed by Harold Lipstein, the film is enlivened by several startling moments of violence, although it never quite comes to a full boil. Quinn and Milland offer reasonably vivid performances, while Paget, in skin-tight chinos, is mostly decorative. Still it's worth sitting through just to see the nifty way in which evil Milland gets his comeuppance, although most of you will be shouting "Get the money, damn it!"

Verdict: Fast-paced fun, if you don't expect too much. **1/2.

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