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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Peter Cushing

THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1958). Director: Terence Fisher.

In this sequel to The Curse of Frankenstein, the dear baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), about to be executed for his crimes in the first film, manages to have a priest beheaded instead of himself [so he's obviously not all bad!] Using the name of "Victor Stein" -- now that's a sensible pseudonym -- he becomes a doctor in a clinic for the indigent in Germany and distinguishes himself with his complete lack of a bedside manner. A promising young doctor, Hans Kleve (Francis Matthews), assists the baron in his new-old experiments, and affects a brain transplant involving Karl (Michael Gwynn) and a patient in the clinic played by Richard Wordsworth of The Quatermass Xperiment/Creeping Unknown, with predictably unpleasant results. Lionel Jeffries almost steals the picture with his gritty portrayal of a grave robber. As nurse Margaret, Eunice Gayson is very pretty but makes little impression otherwise. Followed by The Evil of Frankenstein.

Verdict: That baron never learns! ***

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