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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Bernie Kopell and Don Adams
GET SMART, AGAIN! (1989 telefilm). Director: Gary Nelson.

The comedy spy series Get Smart had already had one theatrical feature, The Nude Bomb, when nine years later this TV movie reunited most of the crew of the series. In this the spy group CONTROL has gone out of business, but their opposite number, KAOS, is still alive and kicking and is blackmailing the world with a deadly weather control device. Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) is called back to active duty, and eventually his wife, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) follows suit. Conrad Siegfried (Bernie Kopell) is still Smart's adversary, only he now reports to a mysterious new leader. Meanwhile, Agent 99 is preparing to publish her memoirs when she discovers enemy agents have gotten their hands on some of the pages. Get Smart, Again! may sometimes trade on old gags, but it is also guilty of inspired lunacy, such as when helicopters and the resultant winds are used for top security "Hover Cover."  Then there's the bit with the "Hall of Hush" where spoken words are transformed into literal letters until the room gets so crowded with them that no one can read what they're saying. And then there's that old "Cone of Silence," now placed in the Smarts' bedroom. Get Smart, Again! retains its hilarity for most of its length although it gets a little slack towards the end, but the cast, a top-notch group of very funny actors led by the wonderful Adams, is certainly game and able. Kenneth Mars especially scores as the head of the security agency, as does Dick Gautier, who is just terrific as Hymie the robot.

Verdict: If you liked the original series, you'll probably like this. ***. 


angelman66 said...

Too much fun. I do remember seeing this one when it originally aired and enjoying it immensely, as I did with Nude Bomb and of course the original series. It's so much fun to watch now, knowing I'll see all those wonderful comic character actors like Doc from the Love Boat and the one armed Burgermeister of Young Frankenstein...I'll definitely look for this.

Take care, Bill! Next week, I will be doing a post for the Rita Hayworth blogathon hosted by Love Letters from Old Hollywood. Will you also have an entry?

William said...

I don't know if it's By Invitation Only or not, but if not I may whip up something if I have time.

Have a great week! Bill