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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Baby Leroy

It seems that there have never been quite so many movie-oriented books before. Companies such as BearManor come out regularly with tomes on (to most people) obscure players, long-forgotten movies, supporting players with a story to tell, and everyone, apparently, has put together their memoirs. Then we have hastily cobbled together self-published bios from people with a tenuous connection to the "star" as well as books on old TV shows with lots of stills and production photos. Nothing wrong with any of that, except at times you think it looks like it's getting a little out of hand. To my knowledge, the following books don't actually exist (yet), but any day now you may see one of them.

Baby: The Wild, Sweet Life of Baby Leroy.
"The Tammy Grimes Show" Companion.
"Life with Lucy:" The Best Lucy Show Ever!
Everyone I have Ever Had Sex With. The Hot, Secret Life of Zasu Pitts.
Troy and Tab: Parallel Lives of Hollywood Heartthrobs
"Raw Wind in Eden:" The Story of This Fabulous Masterpiece.
Pinky! The Pinky Lee Story.
Shug Fisher as "Shorty Kellems": The Heart and Soul  of "The Beverly Hillbillies."
Jethro Bodine: His Life Story.
"The Partridge Family" Companion.
"My Mother the Car:"Behind the Scenes of the Classic Sitcom.
 Full of Genius. The Lives of the Barry Sisters.
Such Pain: The Horrible Hollywood Feud of Margaret Hamilton and Mary Wickes
Judy: I Married Garland in Secret -- and Wasn't Gay!
The Unparalleled Genius of the Fabulous Ritz Brothers.
Slightly Alfalfa: The Gas House Kids Companion.
My Story: Greta Garbo's Maid Tells of Her Life with The Reclusive Star
I Was Dean Martin's Dentist!
Sinatra's Pets: Frank's Menagerie from Sammy the Poodle to Ted the Chimp.
Love Bites: How I Slept with over 100,000 Men and Women in Hollywood!


angelman66 said...

Ha!!! This is awesome. So funny because it rings so true. I am sure some book proposals with these themes will be submitted soon!!

- Chris

William said...

Undoubtedly. In fact, I suspect one of these books actually exists! (And a few I wouldn't mind reading!)