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Thursday, April 27, 2017


In my opinion, one of the funnier "cat fights" that I've seen in the movies. This is from Here Comes the Groom (1951).

The combatants: Jane Wyman (!) and "Sexy Alexis" Smith. (We have to remember that the normally demure Wyman later got out her claws in Falcon Crest -- albeit she never wrestled anyone on that show. Anyway, both ladies are in top form.

The bystanders: Bing Crosby, Franchot Tone, a host of character actors, and a funny old lady.



angelman66 said...

Ha!! Go, Jane, go...I am so rooting for Wyman here, as I just saw her again in the wonderful All That Heaven Allows, and in Stage Fright a few months ago. As I get older, I appreciate Wyman's low-key charms more and more. (The only ex-wife of an American President...until Ivana!)

Alexis Smith was very statuesque, wasn't she, with kind of mannish Glamazon energy...

William said...

That's the funniest description of "Sexy Alexis" I've ever read!

Jane Wyman was a terrific actress, and she's even better when she, so to speak, goes out of her comfort zone. She was certainly a conniving bitch on "Falcon Crest," winning well-deserved Emmys.