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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Louis Edmonds without the fly

Dark Shadows was presented "live on tape"-- it didn't go out live over the air, but it was shot through without stopping, mistakes and all. This is a compilation of many of those mistakes. Most of these have people stumbling over a word, saying the wrong character's name, forgetting a line, and so on, but since people do make mistakes like this in real life, most of the actors could cover pretty well. Other mistakes include boom mikes being included in the shot, crew men walking into or across the set, startling Willie Loomis or Angelique, and cameras accidentally rolling into the action. The funniest bits have to do with a persistent fly that buzzes around various cast members and finally lands right on Louis Edmonds' nose! Since Edmonds' character of "Roger" was always so imperious and dignified, this just makes it funnier. The collection also includes promos for the show, spoofs on TV shows, game show appearances by the cast, and so on.

Verdict: For Dark Shadows fanatics and completists only! **.


angelman66 said...

Always loved Louis Edmonds...and was delighted that he was still working well into the 1980s and 1990s on my other favorite soap opera, All My Children, as Ruth Warrick's penniless love interest, a gigolo who became the grande dame's husband and man of the house...

William said...

That must have been a hoot! He was a fine actor with that certain suave style, and could also sing and dance. There's a bio of him available which I have not yet read.