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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Robert H. Harris
ROBERT H. HARRIS (1911 - 1981). Born: Robert H. Hurwitz.

Character actor Robert H. Harris amassed 116 credits during his lengthy career, and was one of those ever-reliable players that always gave a solid and interesting performance.

Although he appeared in quite a few movies, most of Harris' credits were for television work. He appeared on every television series of note in the fifties and sixties and afterward. and co-starred on The Court of Last Resort for its single season.
Particularly notable television appearances were as a fortune hunter in "Love Me to Death" on Peter Gunn  and "The Case of the Purple Woman" on Perry Mason.In one episode of that series, he was one of the most sympathetic murderers you ever saw. 

He had notable roles in such films as Valley of the Dolls, The George Raft Story, and The Big Caperand was especially good in Mirage. The only film he starred in was How to Make a Monster. and he lent a note of class to the proceedings.

Harris also appeared on the stage in everything from Richard III to Eugene O'Neill to the musical Foxy and indeed was in dozens of productions over the years. 

Like many a fine character actor, Harris was sometimes the best thing in a poor production, and his presence added luster to a superior one.


angelman66 said...

Of course, he was Anne Welles's first boss, Mr. Bellamy, in Valley of the Dolls, who tells Neely to leave the show with dignity!
One of those very familiar faces and distinctive voices.
- Chris

William said...

He wasn't much to look at, but he was a fine actor -- and you're right about the distinctive voice. He was especially great going all bitter.