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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Hiding from a killer: Brittany Snow
PROM NIGHT (2008). Director: Nelson McCormick.

Three years ago Donna (Brittany Snow) hid in terror as an obsessed teacher named Fenton (Johnathon [sic] Schaech) slaughtered her entire family. Now on the night of her prom, Fenton escapes confinement and makes his way to the hotel where the dance is taking place. Fenton creeps about and one by one kills hotel employees, cops, and Donna's friends. When he finally reaches Donna, what will he do? Prom Night is a nominal remake of the 1980 film of the same title. This got scathing reviews, especially from gore geeks who were annoyed there were no sequences like the severed-head-rolling-down-the-runway from the original Prom Night (and no especially inventive deaths), but it's actually a better movie than the first version. Prom Night gets little points for originality, but it is well-produced and well-acted, has some rather suspenseful scenes as well as moments of pathos, a few sympathetic characters, and certainly moves at a very swift pace. The film opens with a great helicopter shot as it flies from the sea into the town of Bridgeport. There is an attractive and competent cast, including Dana Davis as Lisa; Collins Pennie as her boyfriend, Ronnie; Scott Porter as Donna's boyfriend, Bobby; Linden Ashby [Anacondas: Trail of Blood] as Donna's Uncle Jack; James Ransone [Sinister] as Detective Nash; and especially Idris Elba [Pacific Rim] as lead detective, Winn.

Verdict: Slick effective thriller for what it is. ***.


angelman66 said...

Didn't even know that there was a remake, too, will catch this as well.

By the way, I finally did see the remake of Poltergeist that you wrote about and enjoyed it a lot--all because of this blog!!
Thank you for being so prolific, Bill, and inspiring cinephiles like me!

William said...

Thank you so much, Chris. I've learned a lot from your blog as well and come across some movies I might have missed. Keep 'em coming!