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Thursday, February 18, 2016


CRIMES OF PASSION (made-for-television/2005). Director: Richard Roy.

Jerry Dennings (Jonathan Higgins) foolishly makes a borderline sexist comment about an attractive new co-worker, Rebecca (Dina Meyer), who later claims that he sexually assaulted her later in the evening. Jerry hotly denies the charges, and before long there are dueling law suits. The big and very unexpected twist in this movie is not at the end but halfway through the picture, and it's a neat one. In addition, Crimes of Passion is bolstered by two excellent lead performances from the equally sexy Higgins [Thirteen] and Meyer. There is also notable thesping from John Robinson as lawyer James Corbin; Amy Sloan as Jerry's wife, Shannon; Louis Phillippe Dandenault as Jerry's alleged friend, Donald; and Vlasta Vrana as Jerry's boss, McBradden; and others. Crimes of Passion is distinguished by a nifty plot, good acting, a fast, suspenseful pace, and the weird friggin' names of some of the cast members!

Verdict: Worthwhile telefilm. ***.

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