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Thursday, November 12, 2015


DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE (1971). Director: Pete Walker.

Marianne Evans (Susan George) is supposed to be marrying Sebastian (Christopher Sandford) when she finds out that someone stupidly filled in the name of their friend, Eli (Barry Evans), on the marriage certificate -- and it's legal. Sebastian only wanted to marry Marianne because he knows that she's heir to a fortune which is coveted by her father (Leo Genn), and half-sister, Hildegarde (Judy Huxtable). Hildegarde unaccountably has a hankering for the unattractive father, but all of the characters in this are a little weird -- without being terribly interesting. They all wind up on the father's estate where unpleasant things occur. Director Pete Walker normally put together horror items like House of Whipcord but this is more of an un-thrilling thriller with a very low-grade production. George is unlikable as both actress and character, Huxtable is adequate, Evans is somewhat appealing, and Genn [Personal Affair] was probably wondering how he wound up in this mess.

Verdict: Not worth a single scream. *1/2.

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