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Thursday, May 7, 2015


ANY GIVEN SUNDAY (1999). Director: Oliver Stone.

This is the old chestnut in which an aging man, in this case a football player (Dennis Quaid), has to deal with the intrusion of a brash young newcomer (Jamie Foxx), both of whom interact with the coach, Tony (Al Pacino), who has to argue with the owner (Cameron Diaz) about whom to use for The Big Game. Any Given Sunday is well-done for what it is, all decked out in modern ambiance, but it's incredibly old-fashioned [and just plain creaky] at its heart. There is a very large cast in the movie -- everyone from James Woods to Ann-Margret [Bye Bye Birdie] -- but the movie is consistently stolen by a charismatic Pacino. Quaid [Legion], Diaz [The Box], and especially Foxx are also excellent, however. The frenetic editing of the movie keeps things moving briskly during its nearly three hour running time but it's the sort of thing you forget even as the closing credits are rolling.

Verdict: Even football fans may find this old hat if somewhat entertaining. **1/2.


angelman66 said...

I actually like this one more than you do, Bill, partially because I am NOT a football fan at all and I felt like I learned a bit about the game...and as a South Floridian, all the Miami locations are so beloved and familiar to me. Enjoyed the performances of Pacino, Fox and even Miss Diaz, who I once had the pleasure of seeing in person on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, where she was eating lunch outdoors. She is even prettier in person than on the screen!

William said...

Diaz was quite good in the movie as well, holding her own with the guys just as her character does in the movie.

Haven't been to Florida in years!