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Thursday, April 9, 2015


SAFARI DRUMS (1953). Writer/producer/director: Ford Beebe.

A movie company has invaded Bomba's (Johnny Sheffield) turf and hope to get him to help them get some real animal action for the cameras. The director, Larry Conrad (Emory Parnell), wants some real "dramatic footage" from his cameraman, Steve (Paul Marion of The Lost Tribe). Peg (Barbara Bestar) is the secretary for the company, and they've hired a guide named Brad (Douglas Kennedy of The Amazing Transparent Man). When a geologist in the area is robbed of a map that may lead to diamonds, and murdered, Bomba realizes that one of those three men must have been the killer -- but which one? At least this is one jungle movie that admits there are no wild tigers in Africa, so Conrad brings a tiger with him so he can film an exciting scene pitting tiger against lion. Leonard Mudie and Smoki Whitfield appear, respectively, as Andy and Eli.

Verdict: This is an acceptable Bomba adventure, mostly for fans. **1/2.

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