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Thursday, October 2, 2014


The Rampant Age

A gentleman named Jimbo Berkey has put together a website -- Free Classic Movies -- from which you can very easily download hundreds of movies from the public domain. It's a mixed bag of genres, countries, decades, and quality -- not every movie is a classic (but then not every movie I review here is "great" or even old) -- but there are surprises and some real gems in the batch. You can search the site by decade, year, stars, or genre, and you can also sign up to get weekly emails that list all the new movies that have been recently uploaded. Berkey helps you decide which movies you may want to spend time watching by giving synopses and posting numerous screen captures for each movie. I have downloaded a number of movies that I have always wanted to see and couldn't find anywhere else and am just waiting for an opportunity to catch up with them. The website is well put together and fun, and you'll never know what you may find waiting for you. Berkey also has a website devoted to classic TV shows. Lots of great old episodes! Recommended!


angelman66 said...

Hi William - great find! I'm bookmarking it now...and planning to watch Taylor in Burton in Divorce His/Divorce hers...a TV film I've only ever read about but never seen. Thanks again for the heads-up!!

William said...

My pleasure! I've got the Burton-Taylor flick on my list as well.