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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Dennis Quaid, Eduardo Noriega and Richard T. Jones
VANTAGE POINT (2008). Director: Pete Travis.

During a summit on terrorism with western and Arab leaders, the president of the United States (William Hurt of Mr. Brooks) is apparently shot when he addresses the crowd in the square. Moments later there's an explosion. The film then repeatedly goes back in time to show what happened just before, during and after the crisis from the viewpoint of several different characters: secret service agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid of Legion); tourist Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker); a mother and her little girl; and others. Eventually the details of the plot are revealed, as well as its architect and the traitor who is helping the conspirators. Richard T. Jones and Matthew Fox are other agents; Eduardo Noriega is a man caught up in the conspiracy; and Sigourney Weaver [Death and the Maiden] is a news director. Vantage Point holds the attention and is an interesting idea, but it doesn't have any real resonance.

Verdict: Okay thriller with some suspense. **1/2.

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