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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Al Pacino and Adam Sandler
JACK AND JILL (2011). Director: Dennis Dugan.

Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), an advertising man in LA, has one month to sign Al Pacino [Glengarry Glen Ross] to a contract for a new coffee product. Things seem hopeless until Pacino (played by himself) meets Jack's twin sister, Jill (played by Sandler in drag) and finds her, um, appetizing. Can Jack get Jill to go home with Al, or he will have to dress up in her clothes and go on the date himself? Guess... Although this was skewered by most critics, it's one of the more palatable Adam Sandler comedies, with some genuinely funny moments to go with the low-class flatulence jokes, of which there are too many. Sandler isn't bad in both roles, especially as the good-hearted but gauche and declasse, fairly obnoxious Jill, who drives her brother crazy, but the movie is stolen by Pacino, who gives a fine comedic performance spoofing his image and seems to be having a ball.

Verdict: An Adam Sandler movie you may actually sit all the way through thanks to Al, but beware. ***.

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