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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Aaron Ashmore, Benna O'Brien, Haylie Duff, Kyle Schmid
FEAR ISLAND (2009 telefilm). Director: Michael Storey.

A group of friends travel to an island for fun and games, but first discover that they have a stowaway, Megan (Lucy Hale), and then that an unknown person is playing pranks that become increasingly nasty, leading to many murders. The movie is mostly a flashback after Jenna (Haylie Duff) is found on the island in shock. Other characters include cute Mark (Aaaron Ashmore), slick Kyle (Jacob Blair), his brother Tyler (Kyle Schmid), Ashley (Jessica Harmon), and Keith (Jim Thorburn), who has some sort of relationship to the brothers. Trying to find out what really happened are Detective Armory (Martin Cummins) and a shrink named Dr. Chalice (Anne Marie DeLuise). Fear Island is suspenseful and intriguing, boasts a good, talented cast and competent direction, and has some good twists as well. 

Verdict: Enjoyable thriller from Canada. ***.

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