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Thursday, April 18, 2013


THE COMEBACK (aka The Day the Screaming Stopped/1978). Director/producer: Pete Walker.

Nick Cooper (Jack Jones) is a former teen idol who dropped his career when he married his now ex-wife Gail (Holly Palance, daughter of Jack Palance) and is attempting a comeback after six years out of the public eye. His manager, Webster (David Doyle) rents him an old mansion to rest and work in, and the place comes with a strange old couple as well as ghostly screaming voices in the night. What Nick doesn't know is that a person dressed as a witch and carrying a scythe is hacking up assorted people in his circle. The Comeback is a fair-to-middling horror thriller that suffers from an utterly prosaic approach, with no style to speak of, and no elan whatsoever to the murder sequences. Jones proves a competent, pleasant actor; although much better-known as a singer (and the son of Allan Jones), he appeared in a couple of films [Juke Box Rhythm] and several television programs. Pamela Stephenson plays Webster's assistant, who dallies with Nick, and Peter Turner is vivid as Harry, Nick's long-time sound person. Bill Owen, and especially Sheila Keith, make an impression as the couple who come with the old house. The story is not bad, but the execution is, unfortunately, mediocre.

Verdict: This one had possibilities ... **1/2.

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