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Thursday, August 30, 2012


People often email me about great and not-so-great movies that they saw years ago, want to see again, but whose titles and stars they just can't remember. Sometimes I can help them, but on other occasions I draw a blank. So here it is. Anybody out there remember this movie?:

The synopsis: It is New Year's Eve and a young and wealthy woman realizes that she has lost everything and everyone that is dear to her, including the man in her life, who has just walked out. She wishes she could go back and correct the mistakes of the past year, and lo and behold when the clock strikes midnight she discovers she is indeed one year in the past. Unfortunately, although she tries to rectify things and avoid bad decisions, eventually she can't overcome her essential greed and self-centeredness and sure enough she winds up losing everything again.

Other details: The movie was possibly made in the late thirties and was probably in black and white [or was a faded color TV print]. My correspondent is pretty certain it was a "B" movie and did not star someone of the magnitude of, say, Barbara Stanwyck. He is also certain it was a theatrical film and not a television program.

Now, does this sound familiar to anyone? It sounds like something I'd like to see myself, so I would appreciate any and all leads. Thank you!


Neil A Russell said...

Damn my gin-addled memory.
I've seen this but for the life of me I can't come up with any useful details for you.
I was hoping to find some comments that could lead to the answer.

I mainly remember it being in black and white of course and the start off is at a big New Year's do with a lot of shots of the clock coming up to midnight.
Most of the shots of the cast that I remember were about shoulder and head high panning across the active party/dance floor.

Can't swear to it, but I think it was on Turner Classics within the last 5 years (that really narrows it down a bit doesn't it?)

At least now I have something new to obsess over

William said...

Neil, thank you, at least there's someone else who has actually seen the movie. It would be relatively easy to find it only we had the name of just one cast member, but my correspondent saw it decades ago and just doesn't remember the details. There are a couple of senior film historians I know, but one of them doesn't remember it and I haven't run into the other yet even though he lives across the street and is usually around. Anyway, thanks for the note and let me know if you remember anything else. I'm determined to find this *&^% movie, LOL!

Neil A Russell said...

I think I have it, 1947's "Repeat Performance" with Joan Leslie

Check it out and see if this is it:

William said...

Neil, a thousand thank yous. If this isn't the right movie I'll eat my hat. I let my correspondent know and should hear back from him shortly. There's no commercial DVD for this but it's available on

Thanks again!

Neil A Russell said...

I hope it's the one, I'd love to know I was instrumental in solving a mystery.

That doesn't happen to me very often. LOL

William said...

Me, neither. I haven't heard back from my correspondent yet -- maybe he ordered the movie and is waiting to see if it's really the one! [I'd be surprised if it isn't.] Anywy, thanks for your help!