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Thursday, June 7, 2012


HIGH SCHOOL CAESAR (1960). Director: O'Dale Ireland.

Spoiled and neglected rich boy Matt Stevens (John Ashley) steals the election from Kelly Roberts (Lowell Brown) and becomes the new president of the student body. Meanwhile he's selling papers for cash and beating up students who owe him money. He has his eye on new student Wanda (Judy Nugent) even though he promises her to his buddy "Cricket" (Steve Stevens), none of which fools his girlfriend Lita (Daria Massey) nor impresses Wanda, who only has eyes for Bob (Gary Vinson). Matt has bigger problems when he's driven to murder. Ashley swaggers through the movie with more than a little aplomb and the pic holds the attention. The cast is both attractive and competent. Brown was also in The Day Mars Invaded Earth while Ashley starred in the immortal classic Frankenstein's Daughter. Ireland directed two other similar movies and nothing else.

Verdict: Unconvincing if fast-paced teen melodrama. **1/2.

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