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Thursday, May 17, 2012


FRESH FROM PARIS (aka Paris Follies of 1956/1955). Director: Leslie Goodwins.

"If I thought there was any other woman, I'd leave you and the show as flat as yesterday's pancakes."

Dan Bradley (Forrest Tucker) has high hopes for his new supper club, Moulin Rouge in Hollywood, but he has two major problems: First, his lead singer, Margaret (Margaret Whiting) is threatening to walk out if she catches him with another woman and he's just proposed to his lady love, Ruth (Martha Hyer); Second, the fellow who is backing the club (Lloyd Corrigan) is not a wealthy entrepreneur but a loony with no money. Filmed at the actual Moulin Rouge nightclub this film hasn't much plot but it manages to be entertaining in spite of it and has some pleasant song numbers. Tucker, who you wouldn't think would be a good fit for this type of material, is at his most amiable; Hyer is pretty and competent; and Whiting -- although certainly devoid of Hollywood-style beauty -- is a very good singer. Other acts include the Sportsmen and a talented tenor named Frank Parker. Perky Barbara Whiting, Margaret Whiting's sister, also plays her sister in this movie. [The sisters later co-starred on the summer replacement sitcom Those Whiting Girls.] Goodwins directed everything from The Mummy"s Curse to Mexican Spitfire at Sea, one of the best of that series.

Verdict: Not as much fun as Tucker's The Cosmic Monsters, but not terrible. **1/2.

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