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Thursday, March 8, 2012


TROLL HUNTER (2010). Director: Andre Ovredal.

A group of students in Norway importune a nutty "troll hunter" to let them go along with him and film his activities for a documentary they want to make. [Yes, this is another movie influenced by The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.] The troll hunter turns out to be not so nutty in his beliefs that some destruction and disappearances are caused not by bears -- who have also been killed -- but by giant carnivorous trolls which the government is secretly trying to keep under control and in one area.  The group encounters some of these creatures and are then pursued by a gigantic Granddaddy troll at the climax.The first appearance of a silly three-headed monster almost sinks the movie, but there are some good scenes, such as the group's entry into the cavern lair of the trolls, and the sequence with a troll heatedly chasing after their vehicle. The idea is good, but the movie never quite turns into a guilty pleasure, even if you love monster movies.

Verdict: A monstrous disappointment but not completely terrible. **1/2.

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