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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Richard Crane
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER 1954. Director: Hollingsworth Morse.

This half hour science fiction show lasted for 39 episodes in 1954. Richard Crane [The Alligator People] starred as Rocky, with Sally Mansfield as Vena Ray, Scotty Beckett as Winky, and Robert Lyden as ten-year-old Bobby. Some of the stories were divided into two or three episodes, and two of these arcs have been collected on DVD. "Crash of the Moons" has Jones and company trying to stop a collision between two planetary bodies and having his efforts thwarted by the suspicions of alien races. In "Menace from Outer Space," Rocky flies to Fornax to investigate after a weapon from that world hits the earth. With his tight pants and sensual lower lip Crane makes an attractive enough hero, and the other cast members are game. The series is charmingly low-tech to say the least.

Verdict: Earnestly dull but not really awful. **.

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