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Thursday, December 23, 2010

MADE-FOR-TV MOVIES has published an interesting article on the “Top 10 Made for TV Movies of All Time.” See if any of the ones that made their list are on yours as well.

Here's the link.

Years ago there used to be "Movies of the Week" and now cable shows a steady diet of telefilms. A lot of made-for-TV movies were just rip-offs, imitations and derivations of theatrical movies, but there have also been many telefilms of genuine quality. Recommendations anyone?


Neil A Russell said...

I'll give them "Duel" but where's the good stuff?
It's pretty hard to top "The Night Stalker" unless it was with "The Night Strangler".
I'd have to add "Salvage", "Trilogy of Terror", and "The Dane Curse" (although in retrospect I think that last one was a miniseries, or do those count?)
The 70s were loaded with good choices but then I'm old

William said...

You've got some good choices there -- and an interesting blog as well. [Neil is a filmmaker in Georgia.] And you're not old, you're mature!

Thanks for your comments. Wm.