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Thursday, December 23, 2010


LADY AND THE TRAMP (1955). Director: Geronimi, Jackson.

In this wonderful cartoon period piece from Disney a young couple take in a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy that they name Lady. Lady is a bit confused when there's a new arrival in the household -- the patter of little feet -- but things really get out of control when an aunt comes to take care of the baby when the parents are out of town. The aunt doesn't think much of dogs but has two Siamese cats ["We are Siamese if you please"]. Lady is befriended by a scotty and a bloodhound but has real adventure with a tramp dog named Butch, who has no desire to settle down and live life with a collar. The scene when the two romantically share a plate of spaghetti is a real charmer [although the Italian stereotypes are a bit tiresome]. With beautiful drawings and fluid animation, this is a certified Disney masterpiece.

Verdict: Delightful for all ages. ****.

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