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Sunday, October 17, 2010



* Both the original theatrical version and the extended director's cut.

* Hi-Def presentation.

* New 3-part documentary on the movie's production and legacy with new, never-before-seen set footage.

*38 page collector's book.

*And more.

This Blu-Ray set is now available in stores or direct from Warners. Courtesy of Warner Brother's, I'll be awarding one copy of this Blu-Ray Exorcist set to the first person who emails me at -- do not leave answers in the comments section -- with the correct answers to the following questions:

1.) One of the actors in the supporting cast also appeared in a monster movie that had something in common with the original 1933 King Kong. Name the actor, name the monster movie, and name what it has in common with King Kong.

2.) Exorcist director William Friedkin also helmed two controversial movies that dealt with aspects of the gay community, made ten years apart. Name the two movies.

3.) What was the name of the 1974 “blaxploitation” film inspired by The Exorcist and who directed it?

There can be only one winner as I have only one copy of The Exorcist Blu-Ray set. The contest will end either a.) as soon as someone comes up with all the correct answers or b.) on Sunday October 24th at midnight Eastern Standard Time. If no one comes up with the correct answers in that period, no prize will be awarded. [I will post the answers when the contest is over. Please understand that I may not be able to respond to every email.]

Sorry, this contest is only open to United States residents.

Good Luck!

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