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Thursday, December 3, 2009


PRETTY POISON (1996 telefilm). Director: David Burton Morris.

If you're going to remake a movie, at least make pretty certain that it's going to be better than the original. The 1968 Pretty Poison was hardly a masterpiece, but it was better than this fairly dull psycho-drama. Dennis Pitt (Grant Show, who is at least adequate as an actor but not really up to some of the challenges of this role) is released from an institute for the criminally-disturbed and winds up in a small town where he encounters pretty Sue Ann Stepanek (Wendy Benson-Landes), who he is much more psychotic than he is. The well-cast Benson-Landes is a good actress who gets across the angelic sociopathology of her character. Michelle Phillips is fine as her mother, as is Lynne Thigpen [one of the worst show biz names ever] as Pitt's concerned counselor. The havoc that ensues is presented without much flair or excitement and the suspense is decidedly minimal. It must be said for his fans that even with a bad haircut Show [of Melrose Place fame] is still sexy, as is Benson-Landes.

Verdict: Good-looking stars do not a great thriller make. **.


Anonymous said...

I love this movie i think liftime should play it 10 times a week on lmn.

Unknown said...

Because I liked the original 1968 Perkins-Weld movie I saved this Tv Movie on vhs last time it was on. I was just looking up info to see if it's been 'officially' released yet, has not, but found it will be airing twice on LMN coming up in February 2013 for anyone who'd like to catch it...
Saturday February 2, 8pm-10pm &
Sunday February 3rd, 12am-2am
It's a well done remake for sure!

William said...

Thanks for the info but I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this movie. Best, William