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Thursday, March 5, 2009


WYVERN (2009). Director: Steven R. Monroe. Teleplay by Jason Bourque.

People in a small town in Alaska are attacked and eaten by a flying dragon that supposedly thawed out of the ice and may have a supernatural origin. Nick Chinlund (pictured) stars as a trucker who becomes embroiled in the horror-action. This is an above-average Sci Fi channel monster movie -- admittedly that isn't necessarily saying much-- that makes real attempts at characterization and suspense. It is gruesome and bloody at times, but not quite as ugly as others of its ilk. The dragon is well-designed and the computer generated effects are better than usual for a Sci Fi Channel movie. The actors do a pretty nice job as well. There's a very well-done scene when the monster brings down a helicopter and the climactic chase is exciting as well.

Verdict: Not terrible. **1/2.

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