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Thursday, September 7, 2017

PETER SELLERS (1925 - 1980)

Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau
PETER SELLERS (1925 - 1980).

Peter Sellers -- terrible to think that this genius died at only 55 years of age when there was so much else that he could have done. Sellers started out as a radio and TV comedy star, and appeared in early pictures as a kind of portly schnook. Losing weight, he was transformed into a leading man with the likes of no less than Sophia Loren and others. He became known as a brilliant comic actor, but he was just as good in his rare dramatic roles, and the height of his fame came when he played Inspector Clouseau in a number of Pink Panther movies. Sellers could be difficult in his private life, having mercurial relationships with his wives and children, although he was also said to be a loyal friend and often committed acts of extreme generosity.  In any case, the most important thing about the man is his talent, which is on display in so many movies, including some of which we examine this week. For a large number of Sellers' films that have already been reviewed on this blog, type his name in the search bar on the upper left hand corner. Thank you!


angelman66 said...

What a genius he was, and you are right, equally adept as leading man, character actor and antihero. My favorites, f course, are his more cartoon like depictions of Inspector Clouseau and in Neil Simon's Murder by Death--that was my childhood impression of him. Like the great Robin Williams, he suffered from depression and anxiety all his life, and died so young. We do have some great performances to remember him by-- thanks for highlighting them, Bill!
- Chris

William said...

Thank you, Chris! Sellers, like most stars, had his difficult aspects but his genius remains to entertain us forever.