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Thursday, June 9, 2011


 TOO MANY WINNERS (1947). Director: William Beaudine.

The fifth and final in the series of Michael Shayne movies starring Hugh Beaumont (Leave it to Beaver) as the Miami sleuth. In this Shayne is hired to find out who is producing counterfeit winning tickets at a racetrack. One of Great Old Movies' favorites, Byron Foulger, is cast as Ben Edwards, who is a photographer and engraver mixed up in the business. A certain amount of pathos is worked up over this character and his loving family, who apparently have no knowledge of his past. Claire Carleton is Mayme Martin, who tries to blackmail Albert Payson [played by John Hamilton, the "chief" from Adventures of Superman.] Charles Mitchell makes a better-looking Tim Rourke than  usual. Ben Weldon and Grandon Rhodes play two fellows also involved in the race track business, but the actor who makes the biggest impression is George Meader, who plays Clarence, the desk clerk. Trudy Marshall is Phyllis, Mike's secretary and sort of girlfriend.

Verdict: Slight but entertaining private eye stuff for fans of the genre and Shayne fans in particular. **1/2. 


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