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Thursday, May 12, 2011


THREE ON A TICKET (1947). Director: Sam Newfield.

This is the fourth and best of the five Michael Shayne features starring Hugh Beaumont. A somewhat shady private eye acquaintance of Mike's staggers into his office and promptly dies. Then Mike gets a visit from Helen Brimstead (Louise Currie), who wants him to get rid of her husband, Mace Morgan (Douglas Fowley). Mike's secretary, Phyllis (Cheryl Walker) doesn't know what Helen wanted but figures Mike will comply judging from the lipstick on his face. The plot really has to do with a baggage check found on the dead man, and a plot to sell secret weapon plans to a hostile foreign government. Reporter Tim Rourke (Paul Bryar) wonders if Mike will sell out his country for a thousand dollars and/or the life of his secretary. Fast-paced, entertaining, and generally well-acted, this captures the atmosphere of Brett Halliday's novels and has a good musical score to boot.

Verdict: Good bet for Mike Shayne fans and P.I. fans in general. ***.

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