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Thursday, April 28, 2011


BLONDE FOR A DAY (1946). Director: Sam Newfield.

The third in a series of Michael Shayne films starring Hugh Beaumont, following Murder is My Business and Larceny in Her Heart. In this Shayne's pal, reporter Tim Rourke (Paul Bryar), is in the hospital after a beating while investigating a series of murders committed by a blonde [most of which occur before the movie even begins]. Others involved in the intrigue include wealthy Dillingham Smith (Richard Fraser), fat inspector Pete Rafferty (Cy Kendall), Rourke's editor Walter Bronson (Frank Ferguson), his wife Muriel (Sonia Sorel), Bronson's secretary Minerva (Claire Rochelle), and the attractive Helen Porter (Marjorie Hoshelle), who may know more than she's telling. Mike's secretary Phyllis (now played by Kathryn Adams), flattens someone with one punch in the zestiest sequence. The picture has a sense of humor but little style.

Verdict: Strictly for Mike Shayne enthusiasts. **1/2.

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