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Thursday, December 24, 2009


THE PRISONER (2009 Television 6 hour/3 part mini-series on AMC.) Written by Bill Gallagher.

This is a remake of the cult British TV show The Prisoner, which aired in the sixties and starred Patrick McGoohan as an ex-agent imprisoned in a place known only as "The Village." In this update James Caviezel is cast as "number 6," who wakes up in the village and is told that it is the only civilization that exists or has ever existed, even though he remembers his former life, as do many of the other residents. His nemesis is the village's leader, "Number 2" (Ian McKellen), who knows much more than he's saying. The first installment of this mini-series was intriguing, using a more naturalistic approach than the kind of pop art, vaguely campy approach of the original. Unfortunately, as the series proceeds, if anything it becomes even more obtuse than the original -- and deadly boring. The whole business with Number 2's possibly gay and sociopathic son only adds to the confusion. There are too many characters, few of which are memorable. By the time this mini-series is over you won't really care what the hell it's all about, where the village is, or much of anything else. Caviezel is okay, but this is probably the worst vehicle Ian McKellen ever had and even his performance becomes tiresome.

Verdict: Six hours of your life you can never get back. *1/2.

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