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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


LADY OF VENGEANCE (1957). Director: Burt Balaban.

William Marshall, a tough American publisher in England (Dennis O'Keefe), importunes a criminal mastermind, Karnak (Anton Diffring, pictured) to plan the execution of the man he holds responsible for his pretty young ward Melissa's suicide-by-train. This is on the level of a TV production, with lots of unanswered questions, and a twist that sharp viewers will probably see coming. O'Keefe is well cast, even if he isn't quite up to his more emotional scenes. Ann Sears is lovely as the secretary who has long been in love with him. Anton Diffring is as sneeringly effective as ever as the ever-superior, stamp-collecting Karnak. Vernon Greeves is properly oily as the make out artist and musician who dallies with Melissa. This isn't terrible, just not much to rave about.

Verdict: Flaccid suspenser. **.

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